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Kelly Combs

Registered Dietitian

Kelly Combs is a Registered Dietitian who earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Nutritional Sciences from Penn State University, graduating in 2017 with double minors in Kinesiology and Psychological Sciences. She went on to pursue her Dietetic Internship through Ohio State University, which she completed in 2018. She is currently pursuing her Master’s of Professional Studies in Nutritional Sciences through Penn State World Campus.


Growing up in Gettysburg, PA, Kelly spent most of her free time dancing or swimming, where she developed her passion for health and fitness. Kelly has competed in both NPC bodybuilding and USAPL powerlifting competitions, and she enjoys continuously pursuing new physical challenges, such as learning traditional Muay Thai or Ballroom dance.


Kelly has professional experience developing performance-specific nutrition plans for athletes from a multitude of varsity sports teams, including the Penn State Football team and Ohio State men’s and women’s basketball teams. Additionally, Kelly has worked as a health and wellness coach for clients with a variety of health, body composition, and weight-related goals. Kelly utilizes an evidence-based, client-focused approach to facilitate lasting behavior change among her nutrition clients.

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