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Golf Performance

Why it matters to train with a Certified Titleist Performance Institute Expert:

  • ​12 of the last 16 Major Champions were advised by TPI certified experts

  • 22 of the Top 35 Players in the World are advised by TPI certified experts

TPI Swing Philosophy:

  • There are an infinite number of ways to swing a golf club, but there's one efficient way and that's based on what the person can physically do!


Receive an in-depth golf performance assessment:

  • We use 2 TPI screens, which will give comparative statistics to the average players on the PGA tour, including mobility, stability, power, strength, and speed.

The best golfers in the world have a team of qualified professionals including: coaches, trainers, and medical staff

  • We will communicate with your golf coach and medical professionals in the "language" that they utilize


Are you having trouble correcting your swing?

  • By working with your golf coach, we will tweak your exercise program to enhance the mobility and motor function needed to make that change


All golf performance clients receive a free gym membership to East Coast Health & Fitness.

Schedule a complimentary assessment and training session today!

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