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"I've been working out with Adam since August and let me tell you, the workouts kick my butt! I originally started training with Adam to get in shape for my wedding in June. The app that he uses is very helpful to help track workouts and see progress. Adam is always supportive during sessions, and pushes the limits of what you think you're capable of each session. He also gives guidance on nutrition, which is very helpful. He's committed to his own professional development, and frequently goes to conferences and is seeking new certifications to incorporate into his training programs. All of my friends keep telling me how much thinner I look, and I'm noticing my gains in strength when I play my full-contact sport. I look forward to continuing to train with Adam, and plan on continuing well past my wedding date."

Alicia Fischer / School Counselor

"I’ve been training with Adam for 7 months now. Looking back, I realize that I didn’t know how my body fully operated and the workouts I’ve been doing weren’t necessarily the most efficient. Thanks to Adam who has been pushing me to new levels of workout, I’ve been able to shed body fat (12.4% to 9.8%) and gain muscle(about 8-10lbs so far) in the safest and most efficient manner. He’s always on point with macros and nutrition which is vital in achieving these results. Exercising is now a habit for me. Adam takes great pride in his craft for he’s always gaining more fitness certifications which is an indicator that my trainer cares and it’s not just business. I highly recommend to anyone. #TeamMBI"

Ricardo Badchkam / Model

"I had one hell of a difficult time getting back to working out regularly a year after a lumbar back surgery. I needed help. Adam was a pretty visible presence at the gym I frequent. We set up a a consult and finally I signed on for a training package. Adam has really helped me get my core stronger than ever with exercises I wouldn't even know to do and progressions that were exactly what I needed. We've also made a lot of progress working through and partly correcting two bad shoulders. I'm extremely active outside of the gym and Adam's customized programming goes a long way to countering the negative effects of ten years working a desk job. I also LOVE the mobile app for my programming. Would recommend to anyone."

Scott Dainty / IT Specialist

As a runner, I’ve never liked being in a gym but knew I needed to make a change after years of persistent injuries. I started training with Adam in January and in just four months have noticed a huge improvement. Besides losing 5% body fat while gaining muscle, my mindset about the gym overall has changed and I look forward to every workout. Adam has gone beyond focusing solely on the gym and introduced me to nutrition tracking, which has made all the difference. Working with MBI Fitness has helped me regain confidence in my running abilities and has truly changed my whole lifestyle for the better. I’m looking forward to returning to training in the fall and would recommend it to anyone.

Lyndsay Ross / Law Student

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